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What should I wear?

I typically tell my clients to dress up a little more than normal, but still be comfortable and be themselves. Avoid overly busy patterns as they can distract from your face. Solid colors are nice, but avoid overly bright colors like neons or pure whites. I also discourage families from all wearing the same exact outfit. Layers are your friend (jackets, jewelry, hats, etc.), because you can easily take them off or put them on to quickly change your look. For women, you should wear a little more makeup than you normally do, because it helps your features stand out in the images, and I typically like hair down for girls because it makes for more movement in the shots. A good idea is to go to Pinterest and look at portraits that you like and take note of what they are wearing. 

How do I get my images?

 I will send your images to you via email in a private online album, from which you can download your high-resolution images directly to your computer. I take great pride to never make my clients wait more than 2 weeks to receive their finished product!

How long till I get my images?

No more than two weeks from the date of the shoot.   🙂 

Do you make prints?

Yes, you can order professional prints directly from your private online photo album. We are partnered with a professional printing company to provide you with super high-quality prints at affordable prices. Or download the images and print wherever you’d like!

When is the balance due?

Day of the shoot. After the shoot is fine. Cash, check, or Venmo work great!