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Noshi reached out to me on Yelp about doing a family portrait photo shoot at her beautiful home in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. As you can see, this is a very beautiful family, in a very beautiful home, so it was delightful to take pictures and capture some happy memories for them. The family portrait session started indoors, and we moved outside to take pictures when the sun got a little lower in the sky.

Their home in Ranch Palos Verdes has beautiful vistas overlooking San Pedro, Los Angeles, and looking up to Palos Verdes, so the outdoor backdrops were very visually engaging. Their family made me feel very welcomed and comfortable in their home, and that comfortable feeling carried over into the pictures and photography. I am so happy I got to take pictures of this beautiful family, and I hope to take more portraits of them in the future as their family continues to grow. God bless you Usman family!

Affordable Family Portrait Photo Shoot Service Rancho Palos Verdes Area

Looking For A Photographer?

Looking For A Photographer?

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